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car crash survivor and 8yrs seizure free!

My name is Tamara Fletcher born and raised in Louisville KY.  I've been diagnosed with Epilepsy.

I had my first seizure in September 2016. While taking a shower I woke up not being able to move my left arm/shoulder come to find out I had broken it in 3 places which required surgery.  From 9/2016 until 5/2017 I had a total of 7 spells (one of which while driving). During that time-frame I had several tests ran, several hospital visits. Lost my job, lost some of  my self esteem and was overthinking when I may have another seizure without notice. Since I've been diagnosed, I've had good days and bad days to where I felt I wasn't strong enough and wanted to give up.

I passed out while driving, I hit a fence pieces got caught under my car and I got stuck between two trees. Neighbors called 911.

They said I was out for a while. I walked away with out a scratch or hurting anyone. Couldn't drive for 3 months. Even tho I now have clearance and sometimes I do drive, I still have that fear. Epilepsy is hard to handle, not knowing when a seizure can happen, the worry of it, the anxiety and just scared of having one without notice. I lost my job, had to collect unemployment. I now work for a church but still have more bills than money.  I hate depending on people so I take the bus to and from the majority of the time. 

I'm just now willing to talk about it and be okay with knowing I have this health issue. I would love to get out and or meet with other woman that suffer from Epilepsy as well. Please email me at tamarafletcher33@yahoo.com