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Aloha SheRepublic,

firstly I would like to say thank you so much for supporting me and giving me a voice on your platform. As a sole parent and a better talker than doer at times I am feeling blessed to have this opportunity , so with out delay i will give a little more about myself and my big news.

My handle on Insta is IAGBAM which is an acronym I created a few years ago when all the acronym phenomena was sky rocketing. there were lots of great ones , but nothing that was about self love and true empowerment . So I blended I Am from a spiritual teaching , goddess - well that just is what it is and then BAM came from a Maori ceremony I did a few decades ago ( wow now i feel old) and i creates I AM Goddess Beautiful And Magnificent .  I felt that there just waste enough selflove going around and when I was a teenager wearing black and listening to The Smiths on repeat on my turntable (ye Is am old lol) there was nothing to help me understand what I was going thru , that it was normal teenage angst and that it might possibly continue for the rest of my life . Luckily I found other music to make me laugh I can tell you . 

So man-years later after a divorce , an self initiated escape from a domestic violence relationship and a two year old in toe I created a new super ultra ego of myself that was a little like Batman but cooler . VioletNight became my song writing name , my blog name and she represents all women. Come out with swinging hard hitting acronyms I created a song to empower and also give some important messages about what is not ok in relationships, whether you are straight , gay or bisexual .

A few years later after plugging at this on my own and losing both my parents I have blogged and moved interstate and decided that looking outside the world people still don't have their IAGBAM ON .


I have joined forces with my BFF  Amber Nicol aka dj Ambie dextrus and we have created a remix of IAGBAM that is more dance floor bouncy bounce and hope to fill the world with a self love acronym that can keep with them that is easier than trying to find elders to run ceremony and go to workshops . If they buy my single they can achieve a lot with it and save a lot of time and money lol. But seriously I know that young girls particularly don't get that opportunity , and as a single parent a lot of us are not welcomed to spiritual/workshop weekends. 

I am currently filming the film clip and getting women of all ages and sexual choice to be in the clip saying I Am Goddess beautiful And Magnificent . It seems to be I am in the crowning stages of the labour intensive project . 

I will include a picot of me and al ink to my blogs and my original single which has a youtube clip with lyrics down the bottom. 



So much love and gratitude to you all 

love and light

Jenni Dagley aka IAGBAM aka Violetnightr