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My name is Lillian and I have just started a body positivity Instagram account called @ bodyghouls_ where I shared something that I have never openly spoken about, my recovery story.

I battled an eating disorder between the ages of thirteen to 17. It was hell and I made myself suffer so, so much just because I did not look how society wanted me to. I have always been a fat girl and people (even my parents!) have been telling me to lose weight since my age was still a single digit. 

It took me way too long to realize that I am worthy of love, most importantly from myself. I am still fat. I have cellulite, some people don't find my body appealing, but I don't care! We are all so special and unique in our own ways and truly, your looks don't define you. I have learned to use my flaws to empower me and I want to inspire others to learn to love themselves in all that they are.  We are all worthy of love!

Thank you so much,

Lillian Thompson