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Thank you for giving me a chance to show what i did for my love or the people whom i love! A women or a girl always create an example to the whole universe . A giving birth to a child till to make a human . To make successful man she is always behind him to support him. Bu as a daughter what i did may be it inspire entire girls who wants to do something for they parents . Today i saw a mark in my body which i really want to share . A mark which cant  be forget and i wont let me to forget too . A 2 years back my dad kidney was shrink !! He was 55 yr old  , who was suffering from this pain of dialysis Lot of people said me its fine let him go under dialysis ,he almost live his life you cant do anything !! I still remember dos days when i use to wake up early morning my dad pillow cover was wet bcoz of his tears, he didn't want to die he beg me for life!! Trust me i was helpless !! But still i check out the hospitals who's nearest happened  any accidents case for donor till 6 month i waited ! Finally i decided to donate my kidney Lot of questions arise from the society from my relatives that after marriage will i able to give a child or wilL any boy going to accept you with having one kidney,  how will you manage ur future so so on. At that  situation i just want my dad my family and nothing else I cant let him die  with this pain so finally operation was successful with lots of ups and downs. i did what i want !! My dad cried he said me thanks for giving him a life. Today i am happy whatever i did.

My family is complete !! My dad my mom are very happy living together . Thanks to god for make me strong What else a human need  Happiness and peace A girl cant always love herself because she is made to love others. Thats why she is mom , she is daughter and for someone she is wife too Ms Subharna Shah