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A few weeks ago I lost my job. I know that for most people, this would be a bad thing but, for me, it's a really good thing! I've been extremely dissatisfied with my job for about two years now and was trying to figure how and when to get out. Turns out the decision would be made for me. Now, I have a promising job prospect in the works but I'm also launching a personal blog surrounding the idea of empowering others, as well as a freelance writing career! My goal is for that to eventually become my full-job. I've always thrown around the idea of doing this but always had a lot of fear that I would fail or that I simply wouldn't be good enough. So, this forced departure from my job is actually a huge blessing because it's giving me no choice but to confidently dive into what I've always been passionate about - helping and empowering others through writing! I've already felt the disempowerment, dissatisfaction, and lack of joy that resulted from current job melt away as I dive into pursuing something that fills me with purpose and determination. All of this is still in the works but, for now, I can be followed on Instagram @kellyeyre. My goal is to have my website and blog up and running by mid-July, so you can follow along on Insta until then. I have also already started to accept freelance opportunities and I gladly welcome the opportunity to write for anyone who is looking for content surrounding life advice, empowerment, relationships, friendships, volunteering, etc!