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I am Monique Hardy im 23 years old and I live in Arizona.

Hmm...I've sat here and thought what I personally have going in my life right now that I consider positive. I have come to the conclusion that I am FINALLY competing in some kind of fitness challenge/show. I am so excited about this and it means alot to me since I have been obsessed with fitness/weight lifting for about 6 years now.

I am competing in an online show called "Summer Shredding" I wanted to compete in the stage show, but the dates that it was happening I couldn't make happen. I am happy, it takes a lot of courage to actually compete or sign up for something like this and it makes me happy that I had enough courage/ confidence to finally sign up for one.

The second positive thing happening in my life, is that I am finally going after my other goal of becoming a personal trainer. I have worked in gyms before and i've actually trained people before, because I do know what I am doing (self taught) but i have never had the courage to actually get certified and make it happen. So I am currently in the process of doing so! It won't be my main source of income, but i am excited to grow my knowledge of fitness and nutrition so I can help others achieve their goal. I too would love to spread positivity into the world in this way by giving people the knowledge to maintain good health both mentally and physically

You guys can choose which positive thing to post im very excited about both. THANK YOU so much for posting and letting me be apart of your movement. Have a great day/night and stay blessed. Below I have attached some photos you can post.


Monique Hardy