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November 21, 2016


There seems to be this unwritten rule in society which states that if you are female then you must adhere to it otherwise you fail at being a girl/woman.


We are brought up with it and hold each other accountable for upholding this rule. Even at a very young age we know how to judge each other on how well we are upholding it.


Our moral codes, expectations and decisions are in turn defined by it.


Simple rights and wrongs come second to this rule.


What is this rule? Well, it is basically the fact that if you are female then you have to live like a woman. Living like a woman is the problem and has so many constraints attached to it.


The main one is not being free to be anything but a perfect woman, and the level of perfection varies from person, place, status, country and so on. Being a woman almost becomes a difficultly in everyday life.


The consequences of not living by this rule is natural personal growth and it will be driven from two sources, yourself or someone else.


We have come a long way in terms of equal rights and how we are viewed in society compared to our mothers and grandmothers but in 2014, women are still boxed into being a typical woman.


This simple box has many dynamics which I will do my best to talk about over my lifetime, but for now I want to talk about the true happiness of living like a person.


The simple task of just doing whatever makes you happy is a challenge and for me it boils down to two things. Firstly allowing yourself out of your own box to discover the things you don’t even know you might like because you have to live like a woman. And secondly not caring how you are judge because of your decision to live like a person rather than a woman.


Women currently in the limelight who are loved for being themselves such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj etc. have done so simply by breaking out of that box and not adhering to the rule of just being a woman. They inspire so many women because of their “I do what I want attitude and if you don’t like it then you know what you can do!”


I am pretty sure that attitude in itself looks easier from the outside that it actually is. But it has helped so many women to just be themselves and being you means being really happy with who you are and should be.


Every woman deep down wants to be that boss in her world and boss like the Rihannas of this world. But sadly so many of us find ourselves conforming to other people’s ideas of what we should be or act like.


Yes there are fundamental genetics that makes us feminine and we like some things in life a certain way, which only other people with the same make up would understand. However that does not mean we can’t be whatever we want to be without primarily thinking “well I better not, since I’m a woman” before we even step foot outside the door and watch everyone else judge us in the same way we have been thought to do.


The time for change must now come. Enough is enough!


It’s time to redefine the real meaning of being a woman and that is just being you!


Embracing your feminine sides but not allowing that to prevent you from being happy to live how you want.


SHE has arrived to claim her wants, power, fairness and freedom from fear and she will do it in her way.

The SHE REPUBLIC #SheSoldiers do their part by stating to world that SHE is ready to be that girl.


Written by Sarah Martin | www.sherepublic.co.uk


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