January 4, 2017


Beauty to me these days isn't how perfect ones makeup is or how beautifully curved they are or how fat thier ass is or the size of their breast or the ripples on thier chest or muscles busting from each limp or how financially sucessful they are or how beautiful their face is for that matter.

Beauty to me is the presence, effort, time and energy spent on becoming the real you. Allowing the light to shine so bright from within that nothing you wear on the outside adds or subtracts from it. The kindness, empathy, love and thoughtfulness that beams from every pore, now that is what real beauty is.

It's rare but it's there!

Many have no idea what it takes to be that beautiful person regardless of what you look like on the outside. And sadly many will never get it until they are ready to see it and be it.

I've learnt so much this year and for me this year has been one of healing and becoming. I never realised how much pain from suffering I carried around with me until this year.

So many of us carry this heavy weight of past hurts and use it to pave the future.

Every decision, happiness, fear, love, money are all based on this false sense of past self and all completely unesessary.

Sure it's easy to sit here and say all this now but I've earned every single moment of clarity and peace I feel now.

I've woken up to who I am and what I want with no room for compromises or concessions.

What a wonderful gift I have been given and I wish it for every single human being on this earth. But I have also realised that no one can be taught to be themselves, not until they are ready to learn. And as crazy as this sounds, the best way to become the truest version of you is by painfully stripping away the layers that you have built and carry around with you now.

But it's okay, everyone has their time. If you are lucky you'll have great times to hold on too while you grow with the pains and if you are blessed you'll start the process of awakening faster than most.

All I can say for now is know that you are bigger than what you feel right now and you have more to offer yourself than you think. Try to stay open to the possibility and be accepting, forgiving and compassionate with yourself as you grow and become. Everyone has their time so it's all going to be okay, have no fear.

Much love Sarah x

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