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July 3, 2017


How many times have you kicked yourself for not standing up for yourself because you were scared and afraid? 

Have you ever stopped to wonder what it is that you are so affraid of? 


I remember all those times I put others first or allowed them to walk all over me or didn't speak up when I should have done only for it to ruin my day and night. 

And all because I felt I needed them to feel important or needed or worse of all loved. I was a great people pleaser!


But over time and through some very hard lessons I discovered what I am worth and now I demand no less and strive to raise the bar.


The thing is, standing up for yourself and or knowing your worth isn't easy if you are conditioned to believing you're less than you deserve, and we can talk about how awful it is until the cows come home but what are you going to do about it?


From my experience it doesn't come easy, you have to do the work and there is no magic fix UNLESS you can tell yourself all you deserve and believe it full stop. 

The believing part on a deep level is the hard part!


My advise is to find out who you are first, what makes you tick. Which of your current belief system are real/true to you and which did you inherit as part of growing up that isn't hindering your experience on earth.


To do this in the easiest way is through some form of therapy, I recommend cognitive behavioural therapy to begin with and then once you've worked out how you perceive the world you can move to psychotherapy and use that to rebuild your perception.


I also recommend reading lots of books to help you understand why you do the things you do. I would recommend starting with Seat of the soul by Gary Zukav and message me once you've read it and I'll recommend the next set of books to read.


Once you know who you are, what you will and will not tolerate 100% and have no qualms about removing anyone or anything that doesn't serve you then you can demand and live your worth.


And guess what? You'll be happy and free! Everyone deserves to be these two things but it starts with you!


Much love Sarah Martin xoxo

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