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Useless? No just creating.

July 5, 2017



This post is probably more for me and in turn I hope it helps someone else.


Sometimes we go through life feeling unfulfilled and in turn lost.

It's not that we don't want to work hard or that we don't want success or to feel the burn for following our dreams, we just don't know what that dream is....

We try different things to try to figure it out but it evades us like a memory laying on the tip of our tongues.

This can make you feel so frustrated and lost. The words I am useless or worthless can often creep in and with me it has time and time again. You beat yourself up so bad for nor figuring it out.


People tell me all the things I have achieved but for me it's not enough because there is this thing I am supposed to do but that lost memory of my exact purpose still evades me.


But but but.....


Even though you may find yourself lost or feeling worthless it doesn't a really mean you are, it's just your childish brain throwing a tantrum because it can't have what it wants NOW!  It'll say anything to provoke and make you give it what it wants now and that includes negative words.

To identify with negative words would be terrible so it's best to see them for what they are, which is just a childish tantrum and continue to find your way.


I see other women doing what they were meant to do on earth and I ask myself why couldn't I know when I was younger. But I realise that its not like I am not working hard to find it or craft it, it's not like I am sitting around doing nothing so I need to give myself a break. Perhaps this is how it's meant to be and all will reveals itself when it's meant to.


My story and journey just like yours is unique and to try to become or live it like someone else is a futile time consuming exercise that will ultimately deliver bad results. 


So be kind and patient with yourself, be true and honest with yourself and whatever it is that you seek will come to you at the right time.


The other thing we always seem to forget is time and timing.....maybe just maybe the time for your purpose or craft or art to blow up isn't now which is why you may not have the last peice of your puzzle, maybe it needs to come at the right time otherwise if you had all the glory when you want it and the time is wrong it'll fall like a blown up but untied balloon.


Sometimes it's okay to be lost, that is your journey and you should just enjoy it while being true to you and doing the things you love.


It'll all work out on the end.


Trust yourself, your journey and the process.


Much love Sarah xoxo 

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