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August 14, 2017


WE don't celebrate the changes our bodies have gone through and don't have love for all the sagging that occures as a result. But here is what is crazy ..... WE GAVE LIFE TO A HUMAN BEING!!!! Instead we hide and we are shamed.

It's a sad :(

But I Sarah Martin vow not to try to be the woman I was before I had kids but instead to embrace, love, respect RESPECT myself and be who the I damn well I choose to be.
I vow to look as fabulous as I can because I can and I am the only one in my way! Who says mum's can be hotter than they were before kids? We not me 😄
I vow to never sell myself short because I chose to give life to two children.
I vow to give zero mind to any judgements of who I am because what I think matters and when I am on my deathbed I want to know I did it the Sarah way.

So mothers of you're reading this, choose you and make your own vows that allows you to respect and honour the woman you are right now.
Do it your way and don't tarnish something spectacilar as giving life as something to hide from or something loose yourself over.

You are not irrelevant or washed out or whatever terms are used to describe mum's, you are a fucking gangster!!!!

Much love

Sarah xoxox 

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