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All women are “real” women

May 31, 2018

We’ve entered an amazing period in time where the bounds of beauty are being expanded beyond the slim figures you see strutting down the runway or on page in a magazine. Messages of body positivity are flooding social media and women of all shapes and sizes are learning to love and embrace their beautiful selves.

However, the recent wave of body positivity has brought about a new class of body shaming: skinny shaming.

Skinny shaming has always been around – think back to the second ever episode of Sex and the City when Miranda says she wants to “tie (Christy Turlington) down and force feed her lard”. However, now it is unfairly being used to promote fuller-figured women. It is lifting one group up at the expense of another.

A lot of us have been guilty of it. Jokingly telling someone to eat something or get some meat on their bones, calling them anorexic and even spouting “real women have curves” are all examples of skinny shaming.

Just like many of us are naturally curvy, there are heaps of women who are naturally thin. Does this make them any less of a woman? Of course not; all women are real women.

It’s also unfair to criticise those who aren’t naturally skinny but have caved into the overwhelming pressure us women face from pop culture to be thin.

Perhaps it comes from resentment; thin or slim women have been praised and lauded for decades and women who don’t fit the mould for what was stereotypically beautiful have been made to feel like lesser people.

While we can’t ignore the fact that thin privilege exists, we mustn’t let any resentment be used as a justification for skinny shaming.

Body shaming in all forms in unacceptable and perpetuates the ownership society thinks it has to dictate how women should look and behave.

We need to be lifting each other up, not tearing each other down. Blowing out someone else’s flame does not make yours shine brighter. Love yourself and everyone around you for who they are!


x LA x



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