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Lift yourself up

June 6, 2018


It’s easy to get down in the dumps about the state of the world these days.


Our Facebook feeds are littered with depressing news headlines, ignorant commenters and trolls. The troubles of the world and social injustices can be hard to escape. Pile that on top of the stress of general life – work, money, relationships – everything can get a bit overwhelming.


One of my favourite things to do is watch TV shows when I’m feeling overwhelmed with the world although sometimes switching on my favourite show, Friends, can bring me back to square one as I rage at the sexist, homophobic and, albeit, out-dated jokes peppered throughout each episode.


Although our lives our dependent on technology – adults in the UK reportedly spend up to 9.5 hours looking at a screen – putting our phones down, laptops away and televisions off can do a lot of our wellbeing. Too much screen time can affect your vision, sleep, weight and mental health.


In his 2017 TED talk, New York University psychologist Adam Alter suggested a scheduled screen sabbatical.


Choose a time daily or weekly to put all screens away. Do some gardening, find a craft project, go for a walk, cook a meal (from a recipe book, obviously!), go find a bomb outfit bargain at a charity, declutter your wardrobe; the possibilities are endless! I find doing something productive is the most rewarding!


Eventually, you will inevitably have to get back onto your phone or computer. I recently deleted the Facebook app of my phone. I still log in on my laptop but deleting the app significantly reduced the amount of times I would hop on my phone and mindlessly scroll my newsfeed and find myself frustrated at the maddening headlines about the latest awful thing Trump has said or an irate commenter complaining about menial things.


Of course, not everything we consume from a screen is negative; just search ‘cute cats’ or ‘soldiers coming home to dog’ on Youtube and you will instantly be uplifted and reassured there are amazing things this world has to offer.


Anytime you’re feeling down make sure you take care of YOU so you can get out there and live your best life!


x LA x

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