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Power Dressing – let yourself shine through style

June 5, 2018


Clothes can be so much more than just a basic need that provides warmth and function. They can be used as a powerful communication tool, confidence booster and expression of self.

You know the feeling: You’ve just got a new outfit or wardrobe item and the first time you wear it you walk down the street like the badass bitch you are. Even if you have matching underwear that no one can even see.


It’s a powerful feeling. What is it about fashion that can be so empowering?


The clothes we wear can affect how we see ourselves and reflects how we want to be seen by others. When you get dressed in the morning you are deciding how you want to show yourself to the world that day.


You can tell a lot about someone by the clothes they wear before they even open their mouth. Clothes can reflect religious beliefs, music tastes or political views; whether someone is a slave to trends or a non-conformist; clothes can even show how a person feel about their body.


There are many forms of self-expression from your social media feed, how you decorate your bedroom, or even something like painting, dancing or writing music, but fashion as self-expression is more immediate, physical and, sometimes, more daring.


It’s a way to show the world – I know what I am and here it is without even having to speak to anyone.


Recently fashion as an expression of self has taken a different turn. In the age of social activism, we’re showcasing our political views beyond our Facebook likes and comments.


Fashion activism has always been around but most notably so since Maria Grazia Churi’s first show as creative director of Dior as she sent a t-shirt down the runway with the slogan “We should all be feminists”. Slogan tees were then adopted by many designers and high street stores – much to the delight of us mere mortals who can’t afford Dior’s $700 shirt.


Wearing a shirt with a pro feminist or “save the environment” type slogan won’t change anyone’s mind as you walk past them on the street but it ingrains in their minds that whatever it is you’re advocating is something the world is talking and cares about.


Ultimately, your style often reflects your best self and is a part of your identity – let it shine!


x LA x

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