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August 31, 2018


If dieting is causing you to battle yourself every moment of the day, where you have to constantly fight yourself in an ugly way to not eat that thing you crave so badly then I suggest going in deeper with working out your issues with the reasons why you needed to be over weight in the first place.

When we are over weight we usually need the body fat to feel safe, protected, loved or something along those lines.

There is usually a good reason for being over weight and it was/is part of your survival.
Basically there is a valid reason for it which we must acknowledge and honour before we can begin to heal!

When we get to a place where we want to lose the weight because we want to look how we think we should look.

Of course we all know better and we all understand that a healthy body is better for our lives in the long run. But like I said before our deep subcincous mind needed the weight to protect us and to make us feel safe. Our higher selves knows it needs to shed the weight for various valid reasons, so we basically fight ourselves hard!

Our higher selves always wants the best for us but the deep subcincous mind is usually the one who over powers the higher self which is why we have to battle our will to do what's right for us.

What powers our automatic actions and our deep seated believes about ourselves comes from our experiences from age zero to 8. If those experiences thought you negative things about what life is about, then the likelihood of suffering for them in many different ways as an adult is very high!

I have been there in terms of the hourly battles with myself to stay on a diet and lose weight because I felt fat and ugly, never mind the health issues associated with being over weight. I didn't really care whether I was healthy or not. All I wanted to do was look like those perfect women I see in magazines, on TV or social media.

It was horrible and I'd lose the weight only to pile it all and more back on. This usually happens when something goes wrong in my life. It would trigger my old eating habits as I would need to feel safe and secure again so I would eat everything that's wrong for me but taste oh so damn good! Then hate myself for being weak and pathetic! It became a self loathing party for one!

For me it was related to issues with abandonment. No matter how badly I treated my body, it would never leave me or reject me or let me down so my body became the parents and home I needed as a kid. Somewhere I could do anything and never be left. The food gave me comfort, it made me feel nice and happy.....for a little while!

If you think about your reasons for being over weight you'll find that there is a reason for it and until you face those issues and put them to bed properly, you'll forever be doing the diet dance.

I'm in a place in my life now where I recognise why I needed my weight and I am working on my issues to feel complete on a deep subconscious level so that I don't need food or dieting to make me feel anything I can't give to myself by myself.

Hey it's not easy at all, but if you do the work with a professional and sort your issues out you can live a happier life.

You can eat whatever you want in moderation and never feel as though you are missing out on anything. Eating well won't even be an issue, it would be something you did because you believe in what you are doing automatically.

Take time to invest in your mental health as much as every other aspect of your life. Because without a sound and healthy foundation everything you try to build on a shaky one falls apart and your cycle of letting yourself down becomes a never ending nightmare.

You can do this! No wait..... WE can do this!

Good luck and much love

Sarah Martin xoxo

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