September 1, 2018



In order to successfully manifest you must be in alignment with yourself and your overall purpose. Should any aspect of your life, decisions, actions be misaligned due to a glitch in your life rules and core beliefs then I'm sorry to say, you will not be able to successfully manifest that which you want in that given misaligned moment.


In some ways trying to manifest from the mind or as the book the secret advises is almost a last ditch attempt at holding on to hope because all else has failed.
It's like buying tons of lottery tickets and hoping and praying that you win knowing full well you won't.


If you are vibrating at a low frequency (not by choice) because of the cards life has dealt you at that moment in time is fucked up, there is no way you could be manifesting anything that will be of real benefit for your future self.
Your wants and needs now are not exactly coming from a place of calmness or completeness. Vibrating on a low frequency means you are usually in a place of lack. You feel like there is something missing and you need things external of you to fill the void.


Anything that is manifested from a place of lack to fill the void isn't ultimately what you truly need, therefore you will not get what you want but instead receive situations that will teach you to ditch your old ways and raise your virabtion.

In some ways you could say that what you experience now is in someway going to help get you to your ultimately goals or manifestations while vibrating on low frequency, it will not be pretty but it all adds up!

You must grow and you must level up as Ciara would say in order to get what you really want. Because let's be honest if you are feeling negative and make decisions from a place of lack it's very likely you will not have the tools to keep what you are trying to manifest.
It'll be like giving a 10 year old lots of money and saying make sure you don't waste it. They will spend it all on sweets within days.

You must be ready to receive and keep that which you desire.

If you find yourself not getting what you want and are feeling desperate, feeling like the world owes you something or that nothing you have in your life now is good enough and are always looking for more to make you feel happy, then it means you are in some form of pain. You are carrying a heavy load of pain that you are probably not even aware of. You are blocking yourself from your own dreams. You are lost in it all and are living in a place of lack and vibrating low.

Anyone in any situation can always find something to be grateful for, but because we are always comparing our level of success and happiness to our neighbours so to speak, we are never satisfied.

It is okay to feel unsatisfied, but what isn't healthy is to let that feeling bring you down to a place of hopelessness, envy or becoming ungrateful.
If used in a positive way, feeling unsatisfied can be a time where we examine why we feel that way and what we can do within ourselves to shift our perspective in order to realise that we have lots to be grateful for. This can bring clarity to how we feel and allow us to properly align with our purpose.

The key to unlocking yourself from a place of low vibration and manifesting all that you truly desire will be explained in my next blog post.

In the mean time be grateful for all that you do have and breathe. It's never as bad as it seems.

Much Love Sarah Martin xoxo 

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